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Weekly Teen Talk Group Offering!

This is a weekly group for teens who want to connect with other teens and receive support as they process a variety of stressors. Group sessions are tailored to address specific issues raised by group members. The biggest result group members will experience is being able to gain perspective and improve their ability to manage distress through an environment of peer acceptance and exploration of practical coping strategies.

The first session starts on October 15th, 2020, and will be held on Thursdays at 5pm for 60 minutes. **Virtual meetings only, at this time.**

Teens can join the group after each participant or parent completes the registration form and speaks with the group facilitator, Tati Hernandez.

This group will be facilitated by Tati Hernandez.

Pronouns: SHE/HER

Tati is a bilingual (English/Spanish) recently licensed professional counselor in the state of Virginia and self-proclaimed Disney nerd from South Florida, with a great passion for traveling and advocating for those in need.

Tati completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at James Madison University and then went on to obtain her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Since 2015, Tati has worked in crisis stabilization units, community agency centers, and outpatient programs. The experience gained from working with clients from diverse backgrounds in such varied mental health settings has led to her developing a particular interest and expertise in working with adolescents and young adults struggling with but not limited to: LGBTQ+ related issues, non-suicidal self-injury, and anxiety disorders.

To learn more about Tati, visit HERE.

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Sessions will be held on Thursdays at 5pm for 60 minutes - This is an ongoing group but we do ask for an 8 week commitment. Questions? Contact us below!

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